A reconsideration of career for English PhDs in the digital age


  • Liping Yang Georgia State University
  • Haris Haq Georgia State University


Job market, English PhDs, technology


An increasingly shrinking job market for English PhDs in academia is making both students and departments rethink English graduates' career plans after the completion of their respective graduate studies. Considering the rise of technology-related job markets and contracting job opportunities in traditional English academia, English PhDs should consider what their education is worth and fully apply their marketable skills in job hunting in both academia and industries. English departments should fully utilize the resources at the university scale and make potential changes in the curriculum construction and degree management in building up the interdisciplinary joint/dual degree with some other technology-related programs to further prepare the graduates for better and broader job opportunities. By analyzing the current job market, English PhDs' market skills, and feasible changes departments could make, we argue that both English PhDs and departments should adjust their take on education and career plans to increase the employment opportunities for English PhDs.



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