An evaluation of EFL coursebooks used in state schools in Turkey based on teachers' opinions


  • Halil Ibrahim Sahin Kocaeli University


coursebook evaluation, EFL coursebooks, materials development, students’ needs, teacher education.


Despite the recent technological innovations and methodological developments in the field of education, coursebooks still hold their ground as the most prominent teaching material. In this study, coursebooks provided by the Ministry of National Education (henceforth MoNE) in Turkey were evaluated based on the views of EFL teachers. Participants were 100 teachers working at different levels of state schools in Bolu Province. Data were collected through English Language Teaching Textbook Evaluation Checklist developed by Nimehchisalem and Mukundan (2015). Results were analyzed using SPSS 26. In addition to the checklist, semi-structured interviews were conducted with nine volunteering EFL teachers, and the results were analyzed using Nvivo 12 qualitative analysis tool. More than 75% of the teachers reported content about the books in terms of their relation to curriculum and teaching goals. However, the items regarding four skills, pronunciation, and learner centeredness were relatively lower as compared to the others.



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